The focus of this blog is an older father’s experiences with fatherhood.  I have chosen to open myself up in what can be a very public setting.  My daughter isn’t old enough to understand the issues around her privacy yet.  As much as possible, I will seek to shield her from public display.  At times, it will be a challenge to totally separate father from daughter when talking about shared experiences.

So, for family and friends (unless they are fully aware of what I write and have provided their permission to be included in detail), references to others will be vague, usually without names or, in the vernacular of modern privacy discussions, personally identifying information.  You know my name.  At least for now, my wife and daughter will be just my wife and daughter.   I also won’t post clear pictures of them out of respect for their privacy.  Names and pictures would likely make this blog more warm and personalized.  Perhaps.  But it’s a road I’m not going down.  I hope you understand my concern for privacy.