Until I have fleshed out my experiences of the past five years, my blogging will bounce back and forth from past to present.  To better organize thoughts that will appear out of order in the typical chronological presentation of a blog, I will use categories, such as:  Prologue, Past, Present, Lists and Notes, plus others as needed.

To flesh out her chronology, here are some milestones and mileposts along the way:

  • 2005:  Birth, US Virgin Islands
  • 2006:  Paris, Amalfi
  • 2007:   Vancouver & Victoria, Willamette Valley, Provence
  • 2008:  Olympic Trials, Northern California, Kotor & Dubrovnik
  • 2009:  LaGrasse, London
  • 2010:  Venice, Puppy, Riding a Horse, Kindergarten, Tuscany