My name is Peter.  I became a first-time father at the age of 52.  Prior to meeting the woman who would become my wife, I had been single for more than a decade.  Needless to say, fatherhood was not a high probability outcome for me.  Then, I was struck by lightning twice, so to speak, first meeting my wife and second finding she was pregnant.

After some initial uncertainty by me, I quickly realized that, despite a life rich in experience and accomplishment, being a father and raising a child would top all that had come before.  After five years now as a father, it has been everything I expected and more. The motivation for this blog is personal.   The re-telling of life’s experiences and adventures only serves to enhance their enjoyment.  So, it is my hope that I will be able to further enjoy fatherhood through this blog.

Of course,  if you are intrigued or entertained, so much the better.   Do not look here for a how-to guide (I claim no particular expertise in that regard.).  Rather, look for a light illuminating one man’s thoughts, emotions and experiences and an opportunity to develop a community sharing the joys of fatherhood.