School’s Out!!!

School is out for the summer, as of last Friday! Our daughter had been looking forward to summer vacation for weeks. Yet, just off the last bus home for the school year, her first emotion involved tears and sniffles. It turns out she was already missing her friends.

We have scheduled a moderate number of events for her, leaving plenty of time to just play and be a kid. Summer camps come later involving dance, painting and guitar. At home, she writes daily in her journal as well as reads. This morning, she found her journal from last summer, spending a good hour reminiscing. A couple times each week she has a math assignment.

A third ‘wheel’ – complete with handle bars and pedals – has been attached to my bicycle. We’ve already ridden the “tricycle” twice on the trails in a nearby park. (For me, this is the first time back on a bike in almost two years after my tumble over the handle bars, resulting in numerous bruises on my arm, hip, thigh and knee and a broken collar bone. It feels good to be riding again.)

Her goal is to quickly lose the training wheels on her bike and gain the skill and confidence to ride the trails with me. She alternates days on our tricycle and her bike. I think she’ll meet her goal pretty soon.

After riding this morning in very muggy conditions – thank goodness it wasn’t really hot, a dip in a neighborhood pool felt pretty good. She should be swimming almost every day.

On the calendar, school begins in about 80 days. Judging from the first few days, it should be a good summer for our new second grader!

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