Bucket Fillers

Everyone has a bucket representing one’s emotional and mental state.  You are either a filler or a dipper, depending on whether you or those around you are adding to or taking from your bucket.  Kind or Unkind.  Respectful or Disrespectful.  Sincere or Insincere.  Positive or Negative.  When your bucket is full, you feel happy, secure, balanced, calm.  When empty, you feel the opposite.

(See the book by Donald Clifton and Tom Rath,  How Full is your Bucket?  Positive Strategies for Work and Life, or just Google “bucket fillers” for more information.)

Congratulations from the Principal

Earlier this week, we were notified that our daughter had won a Bucket Filler Award for her class at her school this month.  Yesterday, her Grandma and I attended the award ceremony.  The twenty plus kids were clearly thrilled to be so recognized and cognizant of  what the honor meant.

The ceremony was short and sweet, yet very effective.  We had the opportunity to stop by my daughter’s classroom briefly afterwards.  Several of her friends were excited for her.  They, too, had connected and bought in to the concept.

Each time the award is given throughout the school year it is tied in to the values being taught at that time.  All in all, very nicely done.  Once again, I get to play the role of proud Daddy.  Our little (not so little really) girl is growing up so well before our eyes.

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