Martha, Elf on the Shelf

Martha has returned to our home in time for the holidays.  Martha, known last year as Marfa (as our daughter couldn’t quite pronounce the th in Martha), is an elf on the shelf.  See for more about these clever elves.

These magic elves appear in the lead up to Christmas, working as agents of Santa Claus.  Martha returned around December 1.  Each day, our daughter finds her perched somewhere in our home, in position to observe those who have been naughty and nice.    At night, she returns to the North Pole to provide Santa with a behavioral progress report.  At first light, our daughter wanders the house in search of today’s vantage point.

This morning, Martha was spotted sitting on our front door bell chime, able to see the living room, dining room and, to some degree, the kitchen.  Who knows where she’ll appear next.  Last year, she even managed to sneak aboard our plane en route to Frankfurt, while our daughter slept, dreaming of sugar plums and what not.  I was most fortunate to wake up myself and snap a quick picture as proof.

It should be noted that these elves will immediately lose all their magic powers if touched by children.  Imagine Santa’s consternation if daily behavior reports suddenly cease.  There is clearly an ancillary magic effect on our daughter’s behavior as well.

But the most magic effect of all is felt by Mom and Dad, watching the joy and innocence of our daughter, watched over by her elf, Martha.  Happy Holidays.


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