Change of Seasons

The changes in seasons provide both a measure of and metaphor for life changes.  I’ve said it before:  It is remarkable how quickly our daughter changes and grows up before our eyes.  It wasn’t that long ago that she was born and would fit comfortably in the comfort of my arm like a wiggling football, was it?

This morning we walked in our woods in our backyard, searching out the very best examples of fallen leaves.  As you can see, nature provides her a wonderful setting to explore.  She eagerly led the way down the hill into another adventure.

The changes, at the same time expected, yet still surprising, keep coming in rapid fire fashion:  No longer in Kindergarten, she’s a big first grader.  (At a recent school function, I remarked to her teacher last year, how small this year’s Kindergarteners look.)  While she still loves Mommy and Daddy to read to her, she can now read herself.  (The improvement is clearly noticeable from week to week.)  While still shy at times, her self-confidence continues to develop.  (A few days ago, she read the menu, made her choices and placed her order with the waitress.)

One of her most visible changes is her ever growing color pallet in her clothes.  She has insisted on dressing herself since she was two or three.  She’s always been bold in her choices.  But this morning, perhaps to show her solidarity with the bold earth colors of fall, she boldly states that more (and more) is better and better.

I wonder how her proud and confident expression of herself today will once again morph into more changes ahead as a tween and later as a teen.  The changes, they are a coming.  We can’t wait.

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