Traveling Changes the Routine

Our daughter loves to travel and handles the associated ups and down extremely well.  Right now, her routine has been altered by, first, her Mommy traveling and, now, by her Daddy.

Her mother had a conference to attend in Oregon.  Numerous visits to the coast, gardens, wineries and bistros stretched the trip into 8 days.  Now her daddy is gone for 5 days, help Grandma move to North Carolina.  We overlapped  my wife’s return and my departure by several hours to allow for the possibility of flight delay.

I am pleased to report she has adapted quite well to the prolonged absence of one of her parents, in part, by treating it all like a big adventure.  We’ve come to expect her easily adaptability to all things new.  It helps that we talk in advance of anything new on the horizon and support her through it as well.  But, she deserves a lot of credit herself.

Regular phone calls and Skype video sessions have helped.  When I had solo duty, our bedtime reading time was often extended to allow for Daddy-Daughter chats about the mysteries and uncertainties of her life.  We also went roller skating, played catch with a ball and gloves for the first time, and had a water fight in the backyard, during which she got soaked.

In Skype sessions between North Carolina and Oregon, our daughter read (Check out previous post on reading.), proudly and eagerly, to her mother and two of her aunties, along to make the long journey more enjoyable.  After all, gardens, wineries and such should be shared.

In my wife’s absence, I had to prepare meals for my daughter and I, a task made all the more daunting since my wife is a foodie.  Out of over 20 meals, we ate out only twice.  While what I put on the table pales in comparison to the delicious and healthy offerings from my wife, my daughter and I both survived the experience.

While I’ve only been gone for one night thus far, my wife and daughter apparently thoroughly enjoyed Girls’ Night last evening.  My daughter, voice full of excitement and enjoyment, regaled me with the tale of making home made chocolate chip ice cream and eating it as we chatted.

Life is full of surprises.  Treating them as adventures makes the journey all the more fun.  Watching our daughter live life fully is certainly one of the many joys of fatherhood.

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