Really Reading!

My wife and I have read to our daughter, usually both of us, virtually every day since she showed she was capable of following the stories we read.  Stand alone stories and series have both appealed to her.

From Giraffes Can’t Dance to Blueberries for Sal to the Velveteen Rabbit (along with countless others), we have read them all, in most cases, many times.  From the Little Miss series to the Magic Treehouse series to Dr. Seuss (not so much a series, but a collection), she’s followed right along with us as we’ve read.

Her comprehension appears to be quite good.  With a story that has been read a time or two (or three) before, heaven forbid we mis-read or mis-speak something.  She will call us on it every time.

While she has been able to read words – a word or two at a time – for a while, it’s only more recently that she effectively reads entire sentences, paragraphs, and books.  At bedtime, she is eager to get into bed so that she can read to one of us.  She gets so excited and pleased with herself when she figures out how to read a particularly challenging sentence.

As a parent, it is such a joy to watch her read and watch, see, and feel her excitement at her new found skills.

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