Imitation and Keeping Up

Last weekend, our daughter, while out walking the dogs in a nearby park, saw another girl around her age riding her bike, quite well, in fact.  This prompted our daughter to want to get her bike out and and start riding again.

Since the last time she had ridden her bike was last summer, the tires needed some air and the helmet strap needed a bit of an adjustment.  Those tasks completed, she was quickly back in the saddle again, literally and figuratively.

The other little girl was off and riding, so our daughter wanted to do the same for herself.  Initially, she was a bit wobbly and uncertain of herself, braking constantly.  Then her learning curve shifted into a higher gear and she was off.  During the course of last weekend, she probably rode 5 or six times, which might have been as much as she did all of last summer.

She’s still got a ways to go, but is on the right path, a path that she herself is eager to pursue.  Last summer it took some cajoling to get her on her bike; now she pleads to be able to ride again… and again.

Watching our daughter grow up is a great treat for us.  The little things like mastering a new biking skill or sounding out a new word correctly for the first time are so rewarding – for daughter and Daddy alike – and add up to something far greater.  Lao-tzu said, over 2 1/2 millennia ago, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with single step.”  Indeed it does.

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