Reading and Writing

Our kindergarten-aged daughter has been involved in the early stages of reading and writing for some time.  We’ve read to her virtually daily since she was a real wee one.

Until recently reading has meant our reading to her, not the other way around.  Writing has meant writing out the alphabet and a a few short words, copying more than comprehending.  All of that has changed.  The proverbial light bulb has gone off over her head.

While my wife was out of town at a conference last week, she sent us a floral arrangement made of fresh fruit – very cool by the way.  Our daughter took the card and by herself read the note – a bit slowly, but more surely as she went:  “[Daddy] and [Daughter], I love you!  Happy Valentine’s Day!  Love and kisses, Mommy”.

Her ability to sound out words – previously done for a word or two, never sentences or paragraphs – has also taken off.  Now she loves, except when she’s tired at the end of the day, to sound out words, either when reading or writing.  The above picture demonstrates her progress!

Progress is seldom linear.  Learning to read and write is no exception.  Our daughter has gotten a sense of the worlds reading can open up to her.  She is excited about and proud of her new abilities.  So are her parents!

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