Hot Pink …

It’s no secret that our daughter is smitten with all things pink (and purple).  She has insisted on dressing herself for at least a couple of years.   More importantly, it’s the choosing of outfits over the actual dressing, although dressing is a close second.

The more color the better.  The more contrasts – perhaps you might say clashes – the better.  Given a choice, milk tastes better in a pink cup and digging in the garden is better with a pink-trimmed shovel.

Earlier this year, in a parent-teacher conference, her teacher asked my wife if everything was alright at home, since her wardrobe had recently seemed a bit drab for her.  It was typical of her classmates, but way dialed back for her.  We concluded that she must have gone through her entire wardrobe, saving the least pink, the most drab in her mind, until the end, which is what the teacher noticed.

Anyway, given her delight in pinkness, one of her aunts sent her some pink hot chocolate mix that turns pink from the hot water to get ready for Valentine’s Day.  She eagerly asked for it this morning.  My wife and I shuddered to think what chemicals were required to turn an eggshell white powder to pink.

After allowing the hot chocolate to cool a bit, she eagerly sipped it.  “Daddy, I don’t like it.”  Wow, a triumph of function (taste) over form (pink).  We don’t see that every day.

There you have it:  Hot Pink Chocolate… Yucccccckkkkk!

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