Saturday… or is it?

It’s Saturday morning, a few minutes after 7:00.  Our bedroom door bursts open.  Our daughter calls out, “Wakey! Wakey! Time to get up!”  She’s in a hurry to have breakfast and watch a DVD she started to watch on Friday.

I feed the dogs, then prepare her breakfast.  Typically, she takes her time with breakfast, but this morning, she’s all business.  Her plate is clean and her cups are empty.  She buses them to the kitchen counter.  “Daddy, can you put the movie on, please?”  Soon, it’s up and running.  She’s a happy camper on the couch.

I’m in Saturday mode.  Although pushed by the dogs and our daughter to get moving, I’m enjoying the slower pace of the weekend.  Our dining room and kitchen, up a level, overlook the living room.  I’m working on grinding coffee beans and brewing my morning coffee.  Soon, I’ll be sitting down, sipping and reading or whatever.

“Daddy, what time is the bus coming?”, I hear from below.  It dawns on me that she thinks she has to get dressed and off to the school bus stop, not realizing it’s a play day.  At first she denies being confused, then smiles oh so broadly.  I tell her it’s a wonderful feeling to realize you don’t have to get going and can relax.  Stretching out further on the couch, she agrees wholeheartedly.

Yes, we agree that lazy Saturdays (and Sundays) are wonderful.  The movie engages.  The coffee satisfies.  Pajamas and slippers comfort.  Blogging about it all is fun.  Life is good.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Post Script:  A few minutes later… Sitting at my computer in the guest room, I’ve been joined by my wife and daughter, who are snuggling on the bed, and our two dogs.  The companionship warms.  Life is indeed good.

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