Open Mind

On a regular basis, we counsel our daughter to have an open mind, especially when it comes to foods.  There have been a number of  occasions, after initial hesitation, she has found she really likes a new food.  She wanted nothing to do with ice cream the first time, but you can imagine how that has turned out.

This morning, my wife suggested we take the dogs for a walk.  Our daughter resisted.  Last night, we had talked about walking along the creek near our house where the sewer and flood control systems are being expanded and the greenway is being extended.  We all bundled up and headed out for a couple mile walk on roads, paths and through the woods.  Our daughter had a delightful outing.  Imagine that!  Mommy and Daddy can have good ideas.

Upon our return, my wife suggested a homemade winter vegetable soup she had prepared the day before.  Again, our daughter resisted.  Reminding her that she often changed her mind when she was open to new possibilities, she reluctantly agreed to try one sip.  Before that, the picture below pretty much summed up her attitude.

After that one sip, she jumped up from the table and ran over to me, signaling me to lean over so she could whisper something in my ear.  In a cute whisper, she said, “Daddy, I really liked it.”  She was grinning ear to ear.  Lunch proceeded in a very upbeat manner.

We are happy to get one mind opening experience at a time.  Today, we were lucky to have two, virtually right in a row.  Moments like that make both Mommy and Daddy grin and savor the experience.

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