Tuscan Favorites

Our trip to Tuscany, after a two day delay in departure due to snow management issues across the pond, was great fun.  Home base was in the medieval town of Lucca inside the still intact 18 foot high wall begun in 1544 and completed in 1654.

From Lucca, we took day trips to Pisa, Pistoia, Siena and Florence.  The weather was typical of winter in Tuscany with snow flurries to rain and a high in the 50s.  A bit more sunlight might have provided more of a glimpse of the famous Tuscan sun, but, all in all, no complaints.

Most likely, this post is just the first of several on our trip to Tuscany.  From her first trip to the US Virgin Islands at 3 months, she has always enjoyed travel.  On this trip, her 8th to Europe, we noted several times how little accommodation she requires.  She eats from the regular menu most of the time, including some very sophisticated dishes for a 5 year old.  She adjusts well to time zone changes and shifting schedules.  She walks on her own several miles per day without issue.  We are quite proud of her.

Our daughter’s favorites from Tuscany (in no particular order):

  1. Gelato – What’s not to like?  Most days we tried for gelato at least twice.
  2. Uno – She loved the card game she got in her Christmas stocking.  Turns out, she’s quite the card shark, winning several times.
  3. Pinocchio Park – In the home town of the author, there is a lovely theme park dedicated to all things Pinocchio.
  4. Climbing the Tower (and the view from the top) – In bygone days, a prime method of displaying one’s wealth was to build a tower as part of one’s house.  While many have collapsed over the centuries, quite a few remain in Tuscany.  We climbed one in Lucca, all 218 steps.
  5. Taking Pictures – She has her own camera… and her own photographic style.  Some of her pictures are quite good.

(Note:  As I prepare this post, I am having difficultly including any photographs.  I’ll try to to get a picture or two added soon.)

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