Favorite Colors

Pretty in Pink

My daughter loves to play hard and get dirty doing so.  She’s a tough little cookie, who when she falls down, usually pops right up, brushing her hands and moving right on.  She loves jeans and crocs, all the better to stomp in puddles when it rains, of course.  In many respects, she’s definitely not a girly girl.

Not that I really ever saw myself as a father, until she came along, but I, for sure, did not anticipate being the father of a Fancy Nancy girl.  That’s another thing:  Becoming a father opens you to all kinds of new reading material, characters on TV, and brand name toys.

But back to my point today, her favorite colors are

  • (1) pink,
  • (2) purple,
  • (3) yellow,
  • (4) red, and
  • (5) did I say pink before?

Somedays all five favorite colors are pink.  She loves to dress herself now.  And I have gotten used to and, in fact, like the fact that I am the father of a very cute girl dressed up in pink, with ribbons and ruffles and the like.  I find myself smiling a lot as I watch her grow so very fast, so brightly colored, so fancy.

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