Things I Didn’t Expect to be Doing at my Age

Until my daughter came along, the chance that I would be doing any of the following was most unlikely.  However, they seem almost normal in the context of raising a child.

  • (1) Changing diapers (Not any more, but I have changed something like 2,000 of them.  I don’t expect to change anymore);
  • (2) Eat something that has been in someone else’s mouth (Who can refuse a peanut butter covered crust of bread?);
  • (3) Smile at the thought of projectile poop (Fortunately a very rare event.  Able to smile at thought today rather than cringe  before.);
  • (4) Break the 5 second rule regularly (Enough said, with a toddler.); and
  • (5) Sing.  A while ago, one day, my daughter and I sang Puff the Magic Dragon together.  Given that I cannot carry a tune if you gave me a bushel basket, I told myself I would never be heard singing out loud.  My wife thought we were very cute together.

The above represent some of the more unusual things that certainly would get someone’s attention in conversation.  There are other things, more common and more mundane, that occur all the time.  Getting lots of hugs during the day along with “I love you, Daddy” probably tops the list.  Going shopping to buy bold pink and purple outfits is another. The thought of reading children’s books every night makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Each and every one of these unexpected activities in their own way is a rewarding experience.  Well, maybe not projectile poop.  And being rewarded in these ways every day is simply the best experience, expected or otherwise.

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