Dinnertime Behavior

As parents, we are pleased at  how open minded our daughter is about food.  Six months into eating solid foods, her list of fruits and vegetables eaten – the keeping of such a list recommended by her pediatrician – numbered in excess of 60.  She loves chinese and italian cuisines.  She absolutely adores calamari.

As previously mentioned, my wife is quite the foodie.  She is quite accomplished in the kitchen.  She has a laser like focus on eating healthy – virtually no processed food, fresh, organic, lots of fruits and veggies, mindful of fat and calories.  My daughter and I are very, very lucky.

Nonetheless, we seem to be going through a phase at present.   Even with foods she likes, she delays eating her dinner and is easily distracted.  We have repeatedly set expectations regarding her eating habits and attitude while eating.  Dinner sometimes feels like pulling teeth.

There is light at the end of the tunnel apparently.  A couple of nights ago, she was an absolute delight as a dinner partner:  She ate all her food (including a vegetable medley of kale, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and peppers), was pleasant, and carried on a conversation way past her grade level.  Hopefully this will become more the rule.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t make a side comment here as well.  It is a tribute to my wife and her cooking skills that I willingly ate all the vegetable medley.  Not only that, I’ve had more of it as leftovers.   Anyway, both my daughter and I are very lucky indeed.

May my wife and I become lucky enough to find an enchanting dinner partner on a regular basis too!

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