Two Worlds Merged

Well, probably not merged, but delightfully juxtaposed.  I’m referring to the world of a baby or young child, along with the requirements placed on parents, and the world of a 50-something man.  We consciously tried to continue doing those things I like to do.  Travel is probably number one on my list, but it applies to many other activities as well

On the other hand, obviously, we also need to pay close attention to the needs of a baby/ child.  In some cases, it is clearly a choice:  A, not B.  Sometimes B can occur later, but not always.  However, in other cases, no choice is required:  A and B.  Having your cake and eating it, too.

What strikes me most is that I can be a middle-aged man, now 57 and a proud happy Dad, more often than not at the same time.  I expected trade offs and, of course, they exist.  But, instead of choosing which fork to take, I find the forks run closely parallel.  In that sense, my two worlds are one and I am the happier for that.

In addition, as she grows up (hard to believe she’s already five), it’s pretty clear to me that the trend of both A and B becomes more and more frequent.  It is like having my cake and eating it too at all three meals a day.  Between my wife and daughter, I get both so often, it’s wonderful.  Best of all, unlike real cake, this wonderful cake is calorie free.

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