Swimming Lessons as Life Lessons

At present our daughter is learning to swim and play soccer.  In a couple more months, she will had two years of swimming lessons.  She is getting quite proficient, confident, and safe, all positive developments.

Early Swimming Lesson

Watching her learn new skills is not only entertaining and rewarding, but also instructional.  Early on, on one of her first swims from the wall to the “island”, a movable platform, she ran out of steam, not quite making it.  Instead of keeping her head down and paddling the last foot, she tried to stand up, which immediately submerged her.  A quick hand from the instructor solved the immediate problem.   However, she got some water up her nose and that discomfort impacted the rest of her lesson to the point where she did not want to swim any more.

The two of us talked about it afterwards, letting me know she understood what happened and how she reacted to it.  Next time, whether it be water up the nose or some other ‘bump in the road’, she will try to work through it.  I am pleased to say she is way past her aquatic bump in the road.  There have been a number of other bumps since then.  No doubt, there will many more ahead.

As she grows up, I’m going to watch carefully for those little bumps in the road and help her with them.  Those bumps affect adults too and her swimming lesson was a good life lesson for all.

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