Before the Lightning Strikes

Around the time I turned 51, I concluded that my lot in life was to remain a bachelor.  Shortly after that lightbulb went off, I was dating a woman who had lost her long time husband the year before and had not dated in over a quarter century.  While enjoying each other’s company, we both realized that I was “transition guy” for her.

What neither of us understood was that she was “transition gal” for me.  A short time later, as the transitional relationship faded, I met the woman who became my wife and mother to my child.  It was an amazing lightning strike.  Little did we know then that lightning was going to strike again.

Meeting, dating, getting to know each other, falling in love, making plans, moving, getting married, selling two houses, buying another, and preparing to become parents followed in a bam, bam, bam manner, one right after the other.  So much happened so fast it should have overwhelmed us, but actually felt easy and right.  Just under 15 months passed between my twin lightning strikes of meeting my wife and seeing my daughter born.  As full and rewarding as my life was BL (before lightning), AL is a whole different order of magnitude richer, leaving me all the happier for it all and eagerly awaiting what’s next.

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