Projecting into the Future

All parents universally hope their children become happy and successful.  From those broad brush strokes, the details become complex and varied.  How much does one nudge a child in a particular direction?  How much should a parent merely encourage and support?

Leaving aside educational and career aspirations for another post, I wonder whether my daughter will end up with an interest in sports, be it a single sport or be it several.  I was a swimmer and, later, a coach.  Part of me would rejoice if swimming became a part of her life, since it has meant so much to me.  It’s hard to avoid projecting the possibilities.  Indications are that our daughter will be 5′10″ or so.  Presently she is very long and lean for her age.  Will she be a backstroker?  Or will she be a basketball player or an volleyball attacker/blocker?

My parents were fantastic in letting us discover for ourselves what we wanted.  Their greatest gift to me/us was the repeated encouragement that I/we could become anything we wanted as long as I was/we were willing to work for it.  I can only aspire to be as supportive as possible, staying way away from the hovering of a helicopter parent.

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