Favorite Friends

Our daughter’s favorite friends have already evolved as she has grown.  In her first bedroom at home,  the walls were muralled in Dr. Seuss themes –  the Zeps on steps, Yertle the Turtle and Sneeches (those with stars upon thars) were her first friends.  As she became more ambulatory, her favorite friends became:  (1) Dora the Explorer (along with Boots, Isa, Benny, Diego and the Fiesta Trio), (2) Max and Ruby, (3) the Velveteen Rabbit, (4) Franklin, and (5) Skippy John Jones.

This past summer, she changed bedrooms and decors.  Dr. Seuss disappeared under a light blue sky coloring.  Her new room is a different blue with dozens of fabric circles – solids, plaids, polka dots and other patterns.  A pink polka dot rug, a multi colored (garish comes to mind) chandelier, Japanese paper lanterns, and pink, purple, brown, green, blue & white (yes, they all work well together) bedspreads complete the look.

Her bedtime friends and bed mates at present are Dexter (a stuffed turtle), Lambie, Bunny, Dolly (the one constant from years ago) and a few others who names either escape me or whose names are still evolving in my daughter’s imagination.

No doubt when she is twelve, she will be smitten by characters that her parents would not choose.  I never expected to know what a onesie was, who Dora is, or how to change a diaper (many of them, probably around 2,000 of them) at my age.  In the coming years, I will be introduced to characters and friends unknown and unimagined by me.  Yet my life is all the richer for experiencing all these unexpected friends, experiences and activities.

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