Long Distance Pregnancy

For much of her pregnancy, my wife lived in Florida while I lived in North Carolina.  As we had before, we commuted frequently (2 to 4 times a month) with one of us flying to visit the other.  Before the point at which she was advised by her doctor not to fly, we even flew to London, where I was when she called to tell me she was pregnant, together for a short vacation.

Westminster Abbey - Spring 2005

Although we were 500 miles apart a lot, I always felt I was pretty connected through out.  After the ultrasound which told us the baby was going to be a girl, my wife emailed me pictures (which I still have) from the ultrasound.  I viewed them on a big monitor at work while we talked excitedly on the phone.

At 7 1/2 months, having sold and packed up her house, she was ready to head to North Carolina.  I flew down, helped with the end of packing, and drove to our new home together.  Her 2 door Honda Civic  was stuffed with belongings, 2 80 pound chocolate Labrador Retrievers in the back seat (sitting on several blankets) and the 2 1/2 of us.  Personally, I prepped myself for a extra long, tiring trip.  Imagine how often a pregnant woman would need to stop, not to mention the dogs.

The reality, however, was a pleasant quick trip.  Like much of what we have done together, we simply just do it and move on to what’s next.  The inscription on the inside of my wedding ring from my wife says “A voyage of boundless love”.  We are enjoying a thousand and one voyages together as a family.  May they continue for decades to come.

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