Aunts & Uncles

Our daughter is fortunate to have two aunts and three uncles just by showing up.  Even more fortunate is that all of them take an active, albeit from a distance, positive role in her life.  Over time, we have added even more “honorary” aunts and uncles, all of whom talk to her, love her, dote on her, and sometimes even spoil her.

Hilary Clinton, while First Lady, wrote a book entitled “It Takes a Village”.   Our daughter’s ‘village’ has grown larger and her experiences have become richer for all the adults in her life.  She even has an honorary grandmother or two.  While much of her perspective is rightly that of a five year old, she has a wide, broader, more mature view of the world around her as a result.

One of her aunts often travels with us, having  been to Europe five times and to the west coast twice.  The two of them usually are roommates on the road.  Early on, our daughter confused the word ‘mermaid’ with ‘roommate’.  She’s clear on the definition  now, but still has an aunt who is also a mermaid… forever! (In another post, you’ll learn about mermaids forever.)

We greatly appreciate the strong, positive adult presence in our daughter’s life.  While some of this may just be a proud Daddy talking, I am certain that our daughter is wiser, more conversant, more mature, and more socially advanced than many of her peers, with much credit due her aunts and uncles – real and honorary.  Thank you so very much.

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