As mentioned under the Privacy tab/ page above, I most concerned about privacy.  At the risk of rendering this blog a bit more impersonal, you won’t see the names or recognizable images of my daughter or my wife on this site.

Grand Canal in Venice - Summer 2010

This isn’t to say photographs will be absent from  Thus far, Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, a school bus and, now, the Venetian Grand Canal have appeared, among others.  The banner picture above is sunset at Bald Head Island in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina earlier this month.

And, there is, hopefully you’ll agree, something personal about the pictures that have appeared and will continue to appear.  The pictures are mine and relate to the post in which they appear both in terms of time and context.

I am a serious amateur photographer with some professional and publication experience.  First and foremost, my photography is for my enjoyment.  My wife and daughter – yes, even at 5 – are photographers too.  All three of us had our own cameras in Italy this summer.  My daughter averaged around 200 pictures per day there.  Some are more than interesting.  We have a private website for family and friends that contains over 2,000 pictures of our daughter, chronicling her life.

I hope you are enjoying the thoughts of an older, first time father.  I certainly enjoy re-telling and re-living the joys of fatherhood.  Perhaps this is the best way:  Neither my wife or I are going to endlessly tell daughter stories and pull out photo albums every chance we can.  However, if you inquire, we are more than prepared share one of the joys of lives with you.  And, with blogs and websites, you can do it on your schedule, not ours.

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