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First Birthday in Paris - 2006

Since people my age often enjoy travel, my wife and I decided to continue traveling with our daughter, letting me enjoy something I dearly love with her.  We are delighted to report that she has the travel bug too.  In her travels, she has been complimented a number of times for her travel manner and behavior.

Her first trips took her to:  (1) Tampa, (2) St. Thomas, USVI, (3) Greensboro, (4) Dallas, and (5) Atlanta.

Her first states, including her birth state, are (1) North Carolina, (2) Florida, (3) Texas, (4) South Carolina, and (5) Georgia.  Her total number of states visited is 18.  I have visited 46 states.  Perhaps we can visit the last four together.

Her first (and currently complete list of) foreign countries visited, excluding USVI, which are a US possession, are:  (1) France [3 times], (2) Italy [twice], (3) Canada, (4) Germany [but yet to leave Frankfurt airport], (5) Croatia, (6) Montenegro and (7) England.  She earned elite status with an airline two years ago.

Better than many adults, she picked up quickly to take her shoes off at Security,  to look and smile at the Immigration Officer examining her passport, and to hand her boarding pass to the Gate Agent.  She is patient, mostly, in the car on road trips.  She can stay up late when necessary while traveling.

Much of this post has been about the mechanics of  traveling.  The most valuable lesson she has learned is the world is big, diverse, and amazing.  We’ve had great fun traveling with her.  Most importantly, she knows the big world out there is her oyster.

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