An Early Sign of Coming Change – Part I

Big Ben - London - November 2004

London, first Saturday in November 2004 – My wife and I make a point to talk every single day even when apart.  We have managed to do this every single day we have known one another, except for a single day early on which I failed to answer the phone as I’d fallen asleep in the couch.  This day found us both traveling:  She was in Atlanta while I was in London.  The most economical way to talk was for her to call me late at night when it is early morning in London.

<Brriiinnnnggggg Brriiinnnnggggg> Even though I knew the phone would be ringing at 6:00 am on a Saturday, it still caught me both groggy and by surprise.  ”Hi, it’s me.  I need to you wake up and pay attention.  <slight pause> I’m pregnant.” Don’t ask me why, but even before she told me, I knew what she was going to say.  I wish I could say I was on top of everything that followed like my premonition.  However, initially I was mostly just numb, wandering around London.

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